Visual Condition Gage

Understanding Visual Condition Gage: An Overview

VCG system combines different inspection technologies to create a unique solution for machining and assembly operations control. Using this approach, you can detect presence of all special and PTC characteristics as well as their dimensional and other qualitative parameters evaluated in one station.

VCG Visual inspection of cylinder head
Assembly of structural rivet
Missing structural rivet
Presence of thread in casting

Detection Capabilities

How does it work?

VCG Technology utilizes industrial camera scanning to examine various parts. This process involves using one or more cameras, each outfitted with specialized optics and lighting to suit different applications. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, like the cycle time and the size of the product, these cameras are strategically positioned either on a fixed holder or on one or more robots. 
Once the images are captured, they are processed on an industrial-grade computer. This processing is done using our advanced software, which is specifically designed for this purpose and features unique machine vision algorithms. These algorithms allow for accurate and efficient analysis of the scanned images. 

VCG Visual inspection of cylinder head

What products can be inspected

This list highlights the most common parts inspected by our technology, but it’s not exhaustive. If your part isn’t mentioned, please contact us to discuss potential inspection solutions.


System Parameters

Number of cameras:


Camera resolution:

optimized for each application

Cycle time:

as low as 5s, based on application

Inspection capability:

On-demand. We will provide you the feasibility study for free.


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