Surface Defects and Porosity
2D Surface Inspection

Undertanding Inspection Of Surface Defects And Porosity: An Overview

Surface Inspection from our company is a unique solutions with completely custom developed system. We choose the optimal hardware needed for each application. For example, we can build a system which is able to detect the smallest defect (from 50um) during movement in extremely quick manufacturing process (30 parts per second). 

With the well-chosen hardware, our real benefit comes into place. We are unique in developing custom vision algorithms. Each of our software implementations is developed on-demand to fulfill all customer needs. 

Industrial camera for visual inspection
Flat metal part with 2D surface defects
Flat metal part with 2D surface defects
Evaluation of surface defects
Evaluation of surface defects

Detection Capabilities

How does it work?

Surface defect are detected by standard (non smart) 2D camera systems. A key task is to configure the right set of the camera and the illumination. After camera takes the picture our real know how takes place. The pictures are evaluated in the industrial PC with our well designed software with a unique machine vision algorithms.

How the picture will be evaluated depends on the customer requirements. There are two options. We can implement conventional machine vision algorithms or use modern AI systems based on machine learning.

Conventional algorithms

The software is set up to find all defects by exact definition. Defect can be defined by area, shape, number of spots which can be placed next to each other etc…  

Machine learning

Machine learning software detect variations. Our software has easy and intuitive setup. Teaching process is as with real operator, just categorizing pictures as OK/NOK. A big benefit of our ML software is  the teach in process which is based on OK parts only. You don’t need to provide a library of NOK parts which are usually hard to deliver at the beginning of the process.

Evaluation of surface defects
Evaluation of surface defects using AI

What products can be inspected

This list highlights the most common parts inspected by our technology, but it’s not exhaustive. If your part isn’t mentioned, please contact us to discuss potential inspection solutions.


System Parameters

Camera resolution:

from 10 µm

Scanning speed:

up to 1 000 mm / s

Size of the smallest detectable defect:

from 50 µm (depending on application)


Inspection of surface defects and porosity

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