Flexible Quality Inspection
Robotic Q-Cell

What is the Flexible Quality Inspection?

The Robotic Q-Cell is the most widely focused product from the DQI catalogue. It can be used with almost any inspection technology. The inspection hardware is mounted on one or more interconnected robots. The final Robotic Q-Cell can be part of another robotically integrated cell, part of an automated line into which the parts come along the conveyor or it can be free-standing and the parts can be loaded into it manually by the operator.

Robotic Cell
Visual thread inspection - NOK part
Missing structural rivet
Assembly of structural rivet

Detection Capabilities

Typical applications of the Robotic Q-Cell are:


System Parameters

Cycle time:

based on the final scope of inspection

Robot count:

1 or more, depending on the final application

Robot brands:

based on customer specification

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INSPECTION OF Internal threads

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