Contactless GD&T Casting Measurement
Inline 3D Measurement

What is the Contactless GD&T Casting Measurement?

The dimensional inspection system is designed to 100% control the production process and replaces expensive and slow CMMs (coordinate measuring machines). This system is designed for precise measurements of aluminium castings such as cylinder heads and engine blocks. 

The inspection system is part of the inline conveyor system. The parts are gripped in the first position and transferred between the individual positions of the inspection system. The total number of positions is not limited in any way. Sets of OMS laser scanners are located in the inspection positions. The controlled cylinder head is transferred between these sets. The evaluation is fully automatic. In the last station the parts are marked and sorted on an NOK conveyor.

With this application it is possible to achieve a part-to-part cycle time from 15s. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to integrate all technologies from the DQI workshop into the system, without any limitation of the final cycle time.

OMS fixture with laser sensors
OMS measurement of multiple points with 1 sensor

Detection Capabilities

Different characteristics of GD&T


System Parameters

Cycle time:

starting on 15 s

Number of measuring point:


Measurement precision:

from +/- 0,01 mm, depending on sensor

More about the technologies

Complex Inspection System for cylinder heads

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