Surface Shape Defects
3D Surface Scanning

What is the Surface Shape Defects?

The 3D scanning system is used in two different applications. The first is the precise detection of surface defects of various materials with height / depth tolerance. The second application is an accurate and fast inspection of the flatness of entire surfaces.

This technology can be used on parts of all sizes. From 50mm rings (e.g. steel lamellas) to large die-cast parts (e.g. battery housing, body structural parts, gearbox housing).

3D surface scanner in application
Aluminum casting with scanning laser line
3D surface defects - blisters

Detection Capabilities

How does it work?

Based on the customer needs and application, we choose the proper hardware (laser scanning sensors or 3D snapshot sensors). After signals are received from the sensors, we develop height map. With our well designed algorithms we are able to evaluate the surface defects (based on the height differences) or flatness defects (based on the surface angles) basically in real-time.

Evaluation of 3D surface defects
Evaluation of 3D surface defects


System Parameters


from 0,0018 mm

Scanning speed:

up to 1 000 mm / s

Size of the smallest detectable depth defect:

from 50 µm (depending on the application)

Inspection capability:

On-demand. We will provide you the feasibility study for free.

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