Visual Condition of Machined and Assembled Products
Inline VCG

Introducing Visual Condition Gage

VCG Systems are based on multi-camera contactless scanning. The inspected parts are scanned during movement through hardware fixture. Hardware fixture consist of different types of area and line cameras with proper illumination. Our solutions are not hardware-restricted; therefore we can cover all customer requirements without restrictions.  In our system we use standard (non smart) industrial camera systems. 

We can detect presence of all key characteristics as well as their dimensional and other qualitative parameters in one station.

VCG Visual inspection of cylinder head
VCG Visual Condition Gage - Indexing Dowel Hole Detail
VCG Visual Condition Gage - 3D Scan

Detection Capabilities


System Parameters

Cycle time:

from 35 s (based on the final scope of inspection)

Number of points to be inspected:


NOK conveyor capacity:

standard 4 parts

Part identification:

DMX code

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Internal thread inspection

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