Ultrasonic Channel Inspection

Understanding Ultrasonic Channel Inspection: An Overview

IOnic is a technology designed for channel inspection of casted and machined parts, such as cylinder heads and engine blocks. This amazing technology is based on ultrasonic measurement. With several advantages, IOnic is the state of the art technology, bringing high quality for lower cost to your manufacturing processes.

IOnic probe in application
IOnic Probes
NanoCamera channel
NanoCamera channel
NanoCamera channel
Nanocamera channels with and machining chip

Detection Capabilities

How does it work?

The Ionic system is based on ultrasonic technology. It operates on the principle of measuring a ultrasound passing through the channels of the casting. Our engineers design custom layout of probes for each project to maximize the coverage of inspected channels. Individual probes are mounted on a fixture that is aligned to the part openings to conduct the measurement. By measuring the signal intensity and time of signal propagation between selected transmitter-receiver pairs, the system evaluates the channel condition. Measurement is serialized with one  transmitter working at a time, so defects can be clearly localized in the channel network. When the channels are completely blocked, the signal decreases to zero. Should the signal fall out of the standard process variation, the system will suspect partial blockage or other type of defect.

Channel inspection - propagation of signal through OK channel
Channel inspection - propagation of signal through NOK channel


System Parameters

Max. Ionic probes count:


Signal source power:

PIN <= 0,5 W peak

Signal modulation:

variable frequency

Measurement cycle time:

10 ms per channel

Minimum opening size:

2 mm

Detection of full blockages:

100% zaručené

Detection of partial blockages:

>60% possible depending on the part design

Inspection capability:

on-demand. We will provide you the feasibility study for free.


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