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Inspection of Parts on Servo Shuttle

What is the Inspection of Parts on Servo Shuttle?

This application can be used in two different versions

  • continuous: parts are loaded on one side and unloaded on the other side
  • one-sided: parts are loaded and unloaded on the same side

Part is loaded onto a trolley. Depending on the selected inspection, the trolley with the part either stops in various measuring positions or passes through the entire machine. Depending on the selected application, the part at the end of the machine is either unloaded from the trolley and continues the process or can be returned to the beginning of the machine together with the trolley.

This application is most often used for checking the permeability of channels, static or dynamic dimensional measurements and checking the surfaces of various castings or workpieces.

A big plus of the application is that it can be used to inspect large parts such as battery housing or structural parts.

Shuttle Inspection System
Shuttle Inspection System



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