Rapid Contactless Inspection of Internal Threads
IIT Inline Station

Introducing IIT Inline Station

The IIT Inline Station is used to quickly inspect small parts with an internal thread. There are several positions in the device, between which the parts are moved step by step. Each can be used for different process steps and types of control, such as:

  • Thread cleaning with compressed air
  • Camera control of the type and orientation of the part
  • IIT thread quality control
  • Nanocameral thread quality control
  • Sorting NOK pieces into RedBox

The number of positions and their function may differ for each client. The device is easily adjustable to a wide range of different types of products using interchangeable jigs.

Turntable with multiple inspection positions
IIT Probe in Turntable Station
IIT profile - Damaged thread
IIT profile - Nominal thread
IIT profile - Missing chamfer
IIT profile - Short thread
IIT profile - chip inside thread
IIT profile - Loose thread

Detection Capabilities


System Parametrs

Cycle time:

from 1 s (based on the final scope of inspection)

Number of inspection position:

from 2 to 4

Number of NOK categories:

1 (more possible)

NOK box capacity:

100 parts and more

More about the technologies


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