Cylinder Head Water Jacket Inspection
Inline Channel Inspection

Introducing Cylinder Head Water Jacket Inspection

The inspection system is part of the inline conveyor production process. The parts are gripped in the first position of the device and transferred between the individual positions of the inspection system using a gantry system. The total number of positions is not limited in any way. In each inspection position, a set of specially designed probes is automatically inserted into the cylinder head to check the condition of the cooling water jacket channels. The evaluation is fully automatic. In the last station of the machine OK parts are marked and defective parts are sorted out to NOK conveyor. 

Our system can handle a rapid cycle time, with the potential to process a part in as little as 15 seconds. Additionally, we offer the option to incorporate a range of other inspection technologies from our portfolio, allowing for a customizable solution tailored to your specific needs. This integration enhances the system’s capability to adapt to varying inspection requirements. 

Transfer Gantry Inspection System
Nanocamera Front Light OK channel
Nanocamera Front Light NOK channel
Nanocamera Back Light OK channel
Nanocamera Back Light NOK channel

Detection Capabilities

Additional measurements:


System Parameters

Cycle time:

starting on 15 s

Number of inspection station:

typically 1 to 3

Detectable channel defects:

up to 30% (based on chosen technology)

NOK conveyor capacity:

typically 4 parts

Part identification:

DMC code

More about the technologies


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