3D Dimensional Measurement

Understanding 3D Dimensional Measurement: An Overview

The OMS system is designed for precise measurements of light-alloy castings such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, and other complex moulded products. The system is designed for 100% control of the production process and replaces expensive and slow CMMs.

OMS fixture with laser sensors
OMS measurement of multiple points with 1 sensor

Detection Capabilities

Different GD&T characteristics

How does it work?

OMS is an open system allowing integration and unified evaluation of 3D measurement data from various types of measurement sensors in one measuring station. 

The main principle behind OMS is to take accurate measurements of reference points and areas using the Cartesian coordinate system [X, Y, Z] and any other datums specified in the drawings. All measurements are calibrated with each other into a common coordinate system. According to the exact specification of measurement and drawing tolerances defined using GD&T, the system evaluates desired product characteristics and determines its final quality. 

OMS layout of 3D laser sensors

What products can be inspected

This list highlights the most common parts inspected by our technology, but it’s not exhaustive. If your part isn’t mentioned, please contact us to discuss potential inspection solutions.


System Parameters

Laser scanning resolution:

up to 0,02 mm

Point laser measurement:

up to 0,005 mm

Maximum number of measuring points:


Cycle time:

from 15s per part, depends on application

Inspection capability:

on-demand. We will provide you the feasibility study for free.


3D Dimensional Measurement

3D Dimensional Measurement - OMS

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