Final Automated Visual Inspection System

Introducing FAVIS

FAVIS, our advanced robotic solution, represents a significant development in the field of inspection technology. This system, a key offering in our product range, is compatible with a wide array of inspection technologies. It features inspection equipment mounted on one or more interconnected industrial or collaborative robots (cobots), demonstrating substantial flexibility. FAVIS is a platform designed to be versatile in its integration capabilities: it can be incorporated into an existing robotically integrated cell, integrated into an automated production line with conveyor-fed parts, or utilized as a standalone unit with manual part loading by operators. This system underscores our commitment to providing sophisticated, adaptable robotic solutions for varied industrial applications. 

Robotic Cell
Visual thread inspection - NOK part
Missing structural rivet
Assembly of structural rivet

Detection Capabilities

Typical applications of the FAVIS are:


System Parameters

Cycle time:

based on the final scope of inspection

Robot count:

1 or more, depending on the final application

Robot brands:

based on customer specification

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INSPECTION OF Internal threads

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