Instruments Taylored for Quality
Unique automated systems for 100% quality control in production

We develop unique technologies

We develop technologies that enhance and optimize production inspection capabilities in any manufacturing industry. Our solutions provide 100% automation of production process control and full guarantee of quality management systems.

Our systems are tailor-made according to customer requirements. Different technologies can be combined with each other, so more of them can be part of one machine.


Products for quality inspection

Each of our technologies has its own product layout. For us, product is a system that has been proved by several installations and years of successful operation as the best solution for achieving the required quality.


Integration of the technology into the production

Our solutions are fully flexible to your specific needs of controlling quality and can be integrated directly to production process or line.

All our technologies can be integrated in different ways to provide each customer the most beneficial solution.

Briefly about us.

"Our company has been developing measurement and inspection solutions for more than 18 years. Ever since, we have delivered a number of unique devices for quality inspection in production to even the most demanding customers. We are skilled, reliable and professional. ”
Martin Balog
General Manager

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