What is the Optoband?

The Optoband system ensures 100% control of the bearing rings, flanges and lamellae before assembly. The aim is to detect defects of surface, dimensions and flatness. The inspection takes place while scanning the parts stored on the conveyor. The parts are scanned sequentially from both sides. Scanning speed is up to 1000 mm / s. After inspection, the parts are automatically sorted into several groups, usually into two – surface defects and dimensional defects.
Depending on the requirements, it is possible to integrate the control of vertical pressed parts into the system, where various cracks and other mechanical damage occur.

Optoband surface scanning conveyor belt with camera
Sample part with surface defects
Inspection of geometric shape of metal parts

Detection Capabilities

Surface defects
Shape defects
Dimensions defects


System Parameters

Scanning speed:

up to 1000 mm / s

Part diameter range (typical):

20 - 100 mm / 50 - 250 mm

Part height range (typical):

0.5 - 4.0 mm / 1 - 7 mm

Number of NOK categories (typical):


Smallest detectable defect – Surface defects (porosity etc.):

50 um

Smallest detectable defect – Shape defects (diameter etc.):

50 um

Smallest detectable defect – Flatness:

0.1 mm

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